Diu is a beautiful Island and a union territory of India.

Is there any railways station present for connectivity?

There is no railway track present in Diu so you have to travel through the local bus to Diu.

Which area you should book your hotel?

I will recommend to book your hotel near the fort road as it is near and connected to one and only bus station of Diu which is easy and you can get the local market and the beach wind which is refreshing.

Places to visit in Diu

Diu Fort

Diu fort is one of the famous forts in Diu. It is the only fort you can say which is the attraction point for the tourists.

The fort is situated at the coast of Diu which makes it more beautiful. You can find many gun positions throughout the fort which gives the feeling like war.

At one end of the Fort, a long lighthouse is present.

Is there any entry fees?

No there is no entry fees to the fort.

How to reach the fort?

There is always a local autorickshaw present to take you from one place to another place. Their management is very good and other than that there is nothing else you can fine. No App system like OLA and UBER.

Nagoa Beach

Nadia Caves