This global pandemic affects the tourism department most. All the states in India shuts their border for outside entries. But is the tourism dead? The answer we all know, No and never it will be.

The government had started the unlock procedure centrally. Some states are still locking and taking major steps to fight with this pandemic. Some states where the risks are low started the tourism now.

Uttarakhand Tourism posted in twitter that they now opening The valley of Flower.

We are trying to contact all the tourism for states regarding the opening information. We will share it will you once we get any information.

Though state tourism is opening now for traveling how tourism will work in this situation. This is a bit of a serious question. We should not negate our health at this point in the situation where India is in 3rd position in COVID 19 cases.

But if you are travelling then you should take care of yourself using below points:

  • Take road trips to nearest location.
  • Cook on your own.
  • Avoid social contact as much as you can.
  • Hydrate
  • Many states needs e-pass now to enter to the state so arrange that before going.

Safety protocols restaurants operation by #OdishaTourism

But the major question over here is: Is it right to travel in this situation? So in my opening, we should avoid traveling to a long distance as much as we can. But as we are staying in a lockdown or a pandemic it is also required to take a short or quick tour to the nearest destination.

I hope this information is helpful to you but with that stay safe stay healthy. Thank you for reading.