About the place

Indroda Nature Park is also known as a fossil park. Having artificial Dinosaurs fossil park. You will find very big and beautiful dinosaur statues and their eggs.

The park is situated in a very large area and it is not only situated with dinosaurs only. There are other living animals as well. You can walk all around the park and see peacocks roaming everywhere. A very beautiful view to see. 

You will find deers, snakes and other animals as well. There is a bird park as well which has different types of birds.

The place is really beautiful and a picnic spot for families. Can be visible with family and friends and it almost needs 3 to 4 hours to see the full park. It is exhausting to view the full park. The vehicles are not allowed inside the park. 

Monsoon and winter is best time to visit. Summers are very hot so better to visit in early morning.

Map: Distance from Ahmedabad

We started our journey from Science city approach Ahmedabad to Indroda Nature park through bikes and its take almost 1 hour as we have taken one stop to have breakfast.


0-5 yr – Free
5 – 12 yr – ₹15
Adults – ₹30
For wheelers – ₹30
Two Wheelers – ₹15
Jogging – 6 AM – 8 AM – Free


Suggested to visit in winters or monsoon. In summer its very hot after 12PM which is not good for visiting the park as it is situated in a large area and its takes almost 3 hours to completely see the whole park.

Status in COVID

Indroda Nature Park is closed since lockdown and not open yet. Don’t know the exact date of opening after COVID.