Sarkhej roza pillar architecture

About the place

Sarkhej Roza is situated in Makarba, Ahmedabad. It is another peaceful place. Due to its historical and Islamic architectural culture, it is one of the tourist places. It is a mosque and a tomb of  Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed. 

There is the Great Mosque where women and cameras are not allowed. It is used for daily namaz. Here you will find a library where you can see very old books and know the history behind this.

Tomb of Shaikh Ahmad Khattu and the pavilion: ( Below information written in the stone )

Shaikh Ahmad khattu better known as Ganjbakhsh was celebrated as a saint of Gujarat. He was born at Khattu in Nagpur district of Rajasthan in 1336 AD. 

He was a disciple of baba ishaq maghribi who lies buried at khattu. Shaikh came to Gujarat in 1398 A.D. and lived at Sarkhej where he died on Thursday 14th shawwal 849 A.H ( 13th January 1446 A.D ).

The saint was held in high esteem by contemporary rulers Sultan Mohammad Shah II ( 1443 – 1451 A.D ) commenced expecting a splendid tomb of his son Sultan Qutubuddin Ahmed Shah II( 1451-1458 A.D). This impressive tomb which stands on a raised platform is the largest of his kind in Gujarat.

The central chamber containing the grave of a saint is proofed by a large dome. This chamber is separated from four aisled pillard verandah by a series of unique traceried in brace cut in varied design, while perforated stone panels join the pillars of the verandah. The tomb is remarkable for the purity of design and elegance in the execution built in western indian tomb architecture. 

The open pillared pavilion in front of the tomb is square on plan. It has sixteen simple pillars which carry the roof above having nine small domes. The pavilion is approached on three sides by the flight of five steps. The structure though simple is unique in conception and elegant in execution. 

Map: Distance from Sarkhej square


  • Money to keep shoes
  • Money to click pictures


It opens at the time of namaz every morning which is around 5.30. Closes after the last namaz of the day which is around 8 pm.

Status in COVID

Yes it is open.

Place is best for activities

  1. Namaz
  2. Travel photography
  3. History knowing in Library
  4. Painting

Nearest Restaurant and Hotels

No big restaurant is very nearby but there are small shops and street food outside of it. You will find big restaurants in the sarkhej square.


  1. No modeling shoots.
  2. No noise.
  3. Cannot take camera everywhere. Need permissions.