About the place

Vishalla is a beautiful place that is designed in a village-like structure with lots of trees. Inside Vishala they have a museum which is Veechar museum. Vechaar Museum is the utensils museum. One of the unique museums which store ancient vessels. It is a private museum and maintained by a non-profitable trust.

This museum is clean and well maintained. Not all the utensils are kept shielded. There are alot of utensils which are open and can touch. This is amazing and the place is so beautiful that you can spend hours viewing and doing photography.

About Utensils

There are many types of pots stored in the museum. Water storage pots which are huge and are meant for specially either water storage or for cooking. There are broad vessels which are specially made for storing the bath water which is called “tambakundi”.

There are other utensils like, water fetching pots, spouted jugs which are very different shape and size, Lock and keys which are huge to small in size, hukka jugs, plants which are used to serve foods, puja materials, kitchen wears, Dowry boxes,  1000 year old utensils which are used to store waters with the tap in it and many more

About Vishalla

Inside Vishalla there is a restaurant that is very famous and provides an authentic Gujarati dish. This restaurant is so famous that many celebrities came here to try the authentic Gujarati dish.



Map: Distance from Ahmedabad


Adult: Rs. 20
Kids: Rs. 10 ( 3-11 years )
Foreigner: Rs. 50
Photography camera price: Rs. 100
Videography: Rs. 500


It is closed on Monday. Except for Monday, it opens every day. The timing is 3:00 PM – 10:30 PM.

Status in COVID

Yes, it is open now.

Place is best for activities

  1. Photography
  2. Videography
  3. Have dinner in vishala restaurant
  4. Kids can play in the small park with swings.

Nearest Restaurant and Hotels

You will find many restaurants both veg and non-veg on the vasna road. Vishalla is the main restaurant that provides authentic Gujarati thali. You will find small restaurants on the Narol – Sarkhej road.

You will find these roads and restaurants in above mentioned map.


  1. Cannot hold the utensils which are placed outside. 
  2. Cannot bring outside food.
  3. Do not through the dirt.
  4. Do not disturb the animals or birds.